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One of the main conditions that must be met for the establishment of a state university is the existence of an science faculty, for this reason in November 1959 the management of the Syakhyakirti Higher Education Foundation in collaboration with the management of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) formed a committee chaired by Ir. Indratjaja to pioneer the establishment of the engineering faculty. In accordance with the direction of the Higher Education Coordination Bureau (BPPT) of the Ministry of Technology, PPK, on ​​February 9 1960 a Preparatory Committee for the Faculty of Engineering was formed, chaired by Prof. Mr Dr. Hazairin, and the Faculty of Engineering Technical Committee chaired by Ir. Indratjaja.After going through various efforts, the Faculty of Engineering was successfully established on October 1 1960, the inauguration of which was carried out at a very simple ceremony attended by only three people, namely R.A. Rani (Secretary of the Preparatory Committee), Ir. Moeljadi Priambodo and Ir. Sento Alibasya (member of the Technical Committee) also gave the first public lecture entitled "Engineering Mechanics". With the presence of the Faculty of Engineering, the faculty requirements for the establishment of Sriwijaya State University have been completed. At the time of its establishment there were only two sections, namely Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering. In the 1964/1965 academic year, with a decree from the Chancellor of Unsri the Chemical Engineering department was reopened. In the 1977/1978 academic year, at the request of the people in South Sumatra and industrial circles in the Palembang area, the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments were reopened. Thus, since then the Unsri Faculty of Engineering has had five departments which still remain in number to this day. Starting from 1992/1993, it accepted students to transfer programs regularly for all departments. In 1994/1995 it accepted extension program students from the DIII/Polytechnic/Technical Academy pathway. In 1996/1997, admission to the extension program was expanded from high school graduates. The opening of the extension program was based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education Number 409/DIKTI/Kep/1996 dated August 1996. In the 2001/2002 academic year the Strata I Architecture study program was also opened. The Unsri Postgraduate Program started in the 2001.2002 academic year, the Unsri Postgraduate Program opened the Chemical Engineering studies in the field of Energy Technology. In the 2001/2002 academic year, the Unsri Postgraduate Program also opened a Civil Engineering Study Program, in the field of Water Resources Management. In the same academic year, the Chemical Engineering Study Program developed itself by opening the field of Environmental Technology.
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