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South Sumatra is an agricultural area and the largest part of the population are farmers. The agricultural area in South Sumatra is very large, so it requires workers who have the skills (skills) with knowledge and technology to make South Sumatra a superior region, especially in the agricultural sector. This is what has encouraged the emergence of ideas among South Sumatra community leaders, including H. Achmad Bastari, who at that time served as Regional Governor of South Sumatra Province, and Oembuh Alwie, retired Head of the Central People's Agricultural Service, to establish an Agricultural Faculty in Palembang which in the future is expected to produce human resources capable of helping overcome various problems in the agricultural sector in general (including animal husbandry, fisheries, plantations and forestry). This idea then transformed into the idea to form a Committee for the Establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture by the Governor/KDH of South Sumatra Province, on May 10 1962. As Chair of the Committee, Oembuh Alwie, Secretary Ir. was appointed. Bakry Hamid and treasurer Ir. Soetrisno. With the decree of the Minister of PTIP Number 86/62 dated 25 July 1962, the committee was approved as the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture. The Faculty of Agriculture, Sriwijaya University was successfully established, namely by the Decree of the Minister of PTIP, at that time held by Prof. Dr. Tojib Hadiwijdaja, Number 108/1963 dated 20 September 1963. According to the decree the Faculty of Agriculture was founded on 27 August 1963. The official ceremony for the establishment of the Unsri Faculty of Agriculture was carried out on 26 September 1963 by the Minister of PTIP Prof. Dr. Tojib Hadiwidjaja as one of the events to commemorate National Farmers' Day. By a decree from the Minister of PTIP appointed as the first Dean were Oembuh Alwie and Ir. Bakry Hamid as Assistant Dean.
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