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Description of the symbol. The jasmine flower is a sacred flower symbolizing purity, elegance, nobility, authority and loyalty to ideals. The symbol depicts five flower crowns (corollas) in light yellow. The five flower crowns symbolize Pancasila as the philosophy of life of the Indonesian people, while the light yellow color symbolizes the color of the University. The Chrysanthemum Flower is the oldest symbol found in the history of Srivijaya. The symbol depicts a flower crown (corolla) of twisted flowers (marginal flowers), numbering 31, twisted golden yellow in color. The number 31 represents Unsri's birth date on October 31, 1960 and the golden yellow color symbolizes the majesty of Srivijaya. The flower crown is twisted to the right which causes the tips of the petals to point to the left, meaning that this University runs in rhythm with the turning of the times. Light symbolizes knowledge, which illuminates the universe, showing that only with KNOWLEDGE can ignorance be eliminated. Science is depicted with light (nur) as many as 60 rays with 10 large rays, meaning the month of October 1960. The words UNIVERSITY OF SRIWIJAYA are written in white letters on a black base wrapped around a chrysanthemum flower. Black represents ignorance. With the presence of light, ignorance can be eliminated, which is symbolized by the white letters in the words UNIVERSITY OF SRIWIJAYA signifying Unsri as a storehouse of knowledge. The Motto SCIENCE TOOLS OF DEVOTION is written in gold letters on a black base which is located in a scarf at the bottom of the symbol. This motto symbolizes that humans are obliged to serve God, country, nation, society and family. Devotion that is not accompanied by knowledge is not perfect. The meaning of the symbol of Unsri as belonging to the Indonesian nation whose philosophy of life is Pancasila, always with full power and dynamics, increasing knowledge in order to combat ignorance which is an obstacle for the Indonesian people to achieve the ideals of a just and prosperous and deep society. blessing of Almighty God.