Welcome to Universitas Sriwijaya
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Rector's Speech

Welcome to Sriwijaya University (UNSRI), where you can start making real changes. As one of the leading universities in Indonesia, Sriwijaya University strives to facilitate the young generation from all over the country and the world to develop themselves and maximize their potential. We are committed to providing this dynamic and passionate community with quality education for a better tomorrow. UNSRI's strengths cover a wide spectrum of fields. There are more than 160 study programs and 23 research centers that will help students broaden their horizons and enrich their experiences in research, interdisciplinary collaboration and life in general. UNSRI has an extensive partnership network with national and global educational institutions, research institutions, government agencies, NGOs and industry. We synergize in education, knowledge exchange, technology transfer, and more. At the moment. Our campus is located in the heart of Palembang, a city famous for its history and cultural heritage. Therefore, not only an academic experience, here, whoever you are, wherever you come from, can experience firsthand a rich intercultural experience. We invite you to study on our diverse and inclusive campus, where we can work together to create a real impact on the nation and the world. Thank you for visiting our page. Hopefully the UNSRI campus will give you a sweet impression.